I am so sorry! I bet all of you thought I deserted you. No, I have been thinking of all of you a lot these days.

Yes, I did get some bad news last week. Tests show that I have MRSA in my urine and staph in the wound on my foot. I was scared to death. I really don’t know why because I do not fear death any more – not after my near death experience on January 7th. I now have a permanent trach and am hooked up to an oxygen and humidity machine almost 24/7.

I have a 100th birthday party to go to on August 2nd, 2012. We are flat broke except for money to pay bills. I am begging people to send their pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and more depending upon how God leads you to my Paypal address at vlschieltz@yahoo.com. We need to rent a van so I can take all of this oxygen and humidity equipment to South Carolina. I live in Ohio, If God allows me to live that long, I would love to see this dear friend.

I know we are pretty much all strapped for money. I have been looking for various ways for each one of us to make money without having to pay a small fortune to get in. Watch out!!! There are many SCAMS on the Web. I hope that I have something good to report in my next post, and I promise I will not wait this long to post again.

Let us keep in mind all of those who lost their homes by fire, flood and even here we had a “land hurricane”. Many people are still without power. Let us ask Jesus to rain down His graces and blessings upon ALL of His suffering people. Let us also remember those who are suffering from the oppressive heat!!!

God bless all of you for sticking with me during my silence. Again, I am sorry.

Love to all,

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