You’ve been Where?!

I guess I failed to keep my New Year’s resolution! So much has happened to me that I do not know quite where to begin.

At the end of February I had my left foot operated on. It turned out that Dr. S removed an inclusion cyst that measured 17 cm across and it had tentacles just like one of the sea creatures that are found in the ocean depths. After a brief recuperation period, I was sent to the hospital’s physical therapy department. Briefly stated, I spent 6 extremely taxing days there until all the therapists and the doctors agreed that their program was simply too challenging for me. I was to be transferred to a local rehabilitation facility.

I’m B — A — C– K!!! This was old turf to me! After all, this was my third trip to this facility. Oh, my, my room was all the way at the end of the hallway. That would never do, not a patient with a tracheostomy! It so happened that a few days after I had been there, something did not go as I had hoped so I told the social worker that I wanted to return home. The social worker and nursing supervisor coaxed me into staying. My room was changed to one closer to the nurses’ station, if you could call that close! Also, I would not have a roommate. Once more I was convinced!

In May I was admitted to the hospital with respiratory distress. I pretty much hit the nail on the head – pneumonia again. The day before I left for the hospital, I started bleeding like I was having a menstrual period. Please, not at age 63!!! An ultrasound of the pelvic area revealed a huge mass in my uterus. I had a D and C in May and nervously awaited the results. My gynecologic oncologist ended up performing a radical hysterectomy on June 3, 2014.

I want to fast forward over some time and some details. Dr. S had put a graft on the bottom of my left foot which is SLOWLY closing. However, that has to be put on the back burner for now. I want everyone to know that I have uterine cancer that is at least a Stage 3B, and since the PET scan revealed metastatic lesions in BOTH lungs, I am fairly certain that I have moved into the 4th and final stage. You know, though, I am at peace with all of this because GOD is in CONTROL!!!! Think about this for awhile before you read the next entry. Peace and blessings to every soul who finds their way to this blog!