Will you Follow the Light or Darkness?

It says in Scripture, and I paraphrase, all who follow the Light will have the Light of Life, that is, Eternal Glory. We will survive what is to come. Now that can be in a few ways. It can be that we will be taken up with Jesus before the real Armageddon begins so that we may be spared all of the destruction and bloodshed, we may stay down on Earth to fight for the Lord and give our lives in holy martyrdom and receive our reward right away or we may stay until the Second Coming of the Lord when all shall arise from their graves and be separated into two sections, the sheep and the goats. The sheep will follow their Shepherd into Everlasting Glory and the goats will be cast into the Everlasting furnace of hell.

Time grows short. There is still time to confess that you know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. Will you follow the Light or the Darkness? The decision is yours!