Will I Recognize the Antichrist?

There have been so many theories about who the Antichrist was or is or is yet to come that to think of all of this is liable to make your head spin! We all know of the tragic events of the past – the toppling of the Twin Towers, the destruction of a large section of the Pentagon located in Washington, D.C., the destructive tornadoes that reeked havoc on parts of the United States, the relentless wild fires and the list goes on and on. It really seems that the United States is much worse than Sodom and Gomorrah ever were! Is the Antichrist behind all of these outrageous acts?

In his article, “Who or What is the Antichrist”, Roderick C. Meredith put it this way, “Indeed, prophesied events are truly speeding up. As Jesus instructed, we all need to “watch and pray.” For—within this generation—truly awful, Satan-inspired tragedies will begin to strike much of humanity. The “Antichrist” will be directly behind many of these events!

The vast majority of the world’s population are quite divided upon who the Anitichrist actually is or was. Some go back into history and point the finger at Adolf Hitler while still others placed their bets on Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden. Do you think any of these people were the Antichrist? If so, then why is our world still in a state of upheaval? Remember the words that Jesus spoke “watch and pray” for not one of us knows when the Antichrist will be unleashed upon this earth.

Thinking of all of these things can cause much confusion. We must all stay on the Straight and narrow path that will lead us to the kingdom of Heaven. Indeed, investigating the topic of who or what the Antichrist really is, is not just the investigation of some esoteric topic. “The correct understanding of this subject could be absolutely vital to the very survival of you and your family in the years ahead.”

Therefore, I will leave you with these thoughts. Remember to keep Jesus always present in your heart. Call upon our Blessed Mother Mary to wrap you in her mantel of blue. After all, she is our Mother. Remember when Jesus, dying on the cross gave his beloved mother to be our Mother as well. Events are happening at an unbelievable rate. However, we must remain at peace. Jesus will not let anything happen to His flock. I have stood on the brink of Heaven. My near death experience was so powerful that I no longer have any fear of death. I long for the moment when I can climb into the lap of Jesus and just lay my weary head against His chest. Yet, I have one more job to do for his GREATER HONOR AND GLORY. I shall reveal this to you when I write again. Until then, God bless each and every one of you for being faithful readers of this blog.