Tornadoes, floods, the Earth cries out!

This author is finally back after a long absence from writing my blog. I had to have neck surgery and then I had to go to a rehabilitation facility. It has just been a long road to recovery. We all have to be the hands, feet and suffering servants of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I continue to be in a great deal of pain, but that is par of the course for me.

What is happening all over the United States? Raleigh, North Carolina was hit by sixty-two tornadoes! So much damage and desolation as was the case in several other states. The airport in St. Louis suffered major damage as did the airport in New York. Why don’t we listen to what the Lord is trying to tell us? Damage and destruction everywhere! Can we imagine what the End Times will be like? We must pray as a nation and as a country that God’s Hand will be held back from the destruction that is due us all!