The Rapture

The Book of Revelation is considered to be a story of each Christian who follows Jesus along the way of the cross even if it is necessary to give your life for the Lord. You cannot do this alone! You must ask Jesus EVERY day to give you the grace to accept what the future holds even if it means giving your life for the Master.

This is the popular opinion of what the meaning of Rapture is for many people. Rapture means “to raise up.” Many Protestant in the United States have the belief that God will Rapture, or take up into Heaven, the Christians who have been faithful to Him and remove them from the last tribulation that you hear described in the Book of Revelation. There are some people who also teach that the Rapture is a time that will give people a second chance for their repentance of sins before Jesus until He returns for a second time.

Here is the true teaching concerning the Rapture. The Book of Revelation does not really teach that there will be a Rapture of Christians. God is not going to remove Christians from this earth just so they may avoid the suffering that is to come. Rather, the Book of Revelation teaches that God is going to preserve His faithful people no matter if they meet with persecution and suffering. You can find this in the Book of Revelation 3:10; 14:12. Since Jesus will return to earth to resurrect all believers as well as unbelievers on Judgment Day, there will not be a second chance for people to repent. This passage can be found in the Book of Revelation 11:18; 20: 11-15. Take a look at pages 24-25.

Here are the differences that the Rapture will make for you. The Word of God does not teach about the Rapture. Nowhere in the Bible does God tell us that He will take anyone away from the tribulation that is spoken about in Revelation. However, when the End Times begin to take place, your Beloved Heavenly Father promises that He will give you the grace and the strength you need to face the most grueling suffering. “If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how will He now also with Him freely give us all things?” You can find this passage in Romans 8: 31-32.

Perhaps if you believed in the Rapture for almost all of your life, this may be a hard blog entry to accept. We have to rely on strictly God’s Word and not what the interpretation of the Word of God means to man. That is how a lot of us tend to get off the beaten path. Will this be such a hard saying to you that you will walk away and not follow this blog anymore? Remember when Jesus said to His Apostles when He spoke about eating His Body and drinking His Blood asking if they, too, would walk away from Him. I now ask you the same question. Will you stay or will you also leave?