Stay Strong with Jesus!

Dear Loyal Followers,

I am truly sorry for not adding more posts since my last one, but I have been in and out of hospitals, battling not feeling well, having family issues and, last but not least, I discovered a big hard Knot at the back of my neck about a month ago since I have my cervical vertebrae fusions. This knot is right in the middle of the incision; something tells me this is not good.However, my heart has to be ready to accept whatever the doctor is going to tell me. Jesus has told me that I have a lot more suffering to endure before I can claim my Heavenly reward.

Even though Jesus, Himself, does not know the day or the hour that will herald the end of the world, yet He cautions us to always be aware of the signs of the times. All that we have to do is open our eyes to what is happening not only here in the United States but to European and Middle Eastern countries. Here we may be plunged into another recession that was worse than the last. We must resolve in our hearts that no matter what happens, we will NEVER succumb to accepting the mark of the beast or 666 which is the sign that you have become a follower of Satan. My friend, do not be duped this way. Yes, it has been said that the only way you will be able to buy or sell is to have some kind of computer chip placed within your body which has the numbering 666 on it. Please join me and tell Jesus that you would rather starve than to give in to Satan. Yes, the devil will try to trick you, but do not be misled like Eve was in the garden of Eden. If we must be martyred for Jesus then so be it. Then we know we shall have a one way ticket to Heaven. Jesus deserves nothing but the highest loyalty that we can pay to Him.

Things are so BAD, especially in the United States. Just think of all the babies who are being ripped right out of their mothers’ wombs, gay marriages, “shacking up together” so that the two partners do not even know what the term commitment means. This country is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and God reigned down fire and brimstone in order to destroy all inhabitants who were in these two cities.

Therefore, we must be vigilant and pray, pray, pray that the Earth will be spared the devastation that is her due. I know Our Mother Mary has a heavy heart and is trying to hold back the Arm of God from dealing a death blow to end the Earth. She cannot keep God’s Arm from striking in the near future. So, we must keep close watch as to the developments upon this Earth. Let us always remain faithful and commit to NEVER accepting the mark of the Devil which is 666 no matter what our fate may be. Jesus is our King and Him alone should we follow!