Sorrow, Devastation Everywhere!

My heart goes out to the Japanese people as they have just experienced the devastating earthquake that measured 8.9 on the Richter Scale followed by the twenty foot wall of water that rushed in and carried debris and people away.

My people, these are all pointing to the signs of Armageddon. The End Times are upon us. Are we blind that we cannot read the signs of the times? We are enduring earthquakes all over the world, floods, wild fires that char hundreds and thousands of acres and burning up homes that lie in their path!

So many people believe in no God and no devil. Church attendance has dropped off. The devil is having his last field day. Soon he will be chained by the Lord Almighty and thrown into the everlasting pit of fire.

Our Blessed Mother, Mary, weeps to see all that is happening upon the Earth. Confess your sins in your heart for we “know not the day nor the hour”. Let us form an army for Our Lord for the forces of Evil are at work. Let us stand with Jesus as the apocalypse nears. We must all be prepared to endure suffering and even martyrdom for the Lord as He gave His Life so readily for us.