Our Own Personal Armageddon

Dear Faithful Followers and all Who Read my Blog,

I am truly sorry for my long absence in writing entries to my Armageddon Blog, but I have been going through my own “personal” Armageddon for quite a while now. As the saying goes, you cannot experience the beauties of the mountaintop until you have hit rock bottom. That has been happening to me for quite a while now, but each time the Lord would rescue me, and I know it has been through the many prayers being sent up by my loyal prayer warriors.

Since April of this year, 2011, I have had three cervical neck surgeries and one rotator cuff surgery. I also have to admit that I have been taking prescription pain medication that has been making me very confused and unsteady. I had been told by one pain doctor that I was one in 5 percent of the population who is not able to take any pain medication. I guess I did not want to believe this or heed my Master’s warning signs that He was sending me, that is, until August 26th. I was on my way to the bathroom (I have to use a walker now – am I telling my age?) and when I got in there I fell. Although I had Life Alert, I did not use it because I knew my Comfort Keeper would be there shortly. I had already reached down to see if I was hurt and just got some clear liquid on my fingers. Since I have lymphedema,I did not think anything of it. However, the Holy Spirit must have guided me to look down to the floor only to see a very large pool of blood. I was surprised I did not bleed to death as I am taking Cumadin because I have the propensity to make blood clots. Also, when I fell my guardian angel along with the Lord’s Hands kept me from hitting my head on the bathtub and cracking my head open. I had to have twenty-five stitches put in my leg.

The next day I had an appointment with my pulmonologist which is at least an hour away. I was being transported by stretcher because of my leg. On the way there, the paramedic said we had to make a quick decision about where to go and I asked why. She said that my heart was going into A-fib and we had to go somewhere fast. Since Grandview Hospital was the closest, I told her just to take me there. Everything else was a blur. I spent two days in the ICU unit and then was moved to the step down unit after that. I came home yesterday but the doctor who looked at my leg said he was not too happy with the way the stitches were starting to gap a little, and he said he may have to end up opening the wound up, cleaning it out and re-stitching it again. I see him on the 12th so please pray that does not happen to me.

Since around the year 2000, I had been in a deep depression and have been taking several anti-depressive and anti-anxiety medications. I should have leaned on my Sweet Jesus more but I refused and kept taking these medications up until last week. Since I now have a clear head I am only going to take one of them, Cymbalta. It is time for me to get over this depression and anxiety and give it to the Lord and tell the Evil One to flee!

That, my friends, has been my own “personal” Armageddon. Perhaps, since I have suffered all of these trials, I will be one of the lucky ones to be caught up in the Rapture and not have to experience the devastation that is certain to come. We must all pray!

God bless you all,

Valli (trinity037)