Is the Time Near?

Many people feel that definitely Armageddon will come in the year 2012. We do not know when the final day will really come. No one knows, not even the Son, but the Father alone. The best advice this author can give is that you live every day as if it was your last. Offer up each day for Jesus. Sometimes the Lord will put on your heart who to offer your sufferings or your day for.

As far as Armageddon goes, this author feels that this economy will tank and then people will begin looting and fighting for food. The best thing to do is to form small groups to fight off those who are trying to take your food.

This writer feels sure that many of you know about the devil’s 666 mark. Only these people who carry this
mark on their bodies will also be able to buy and sell their goods. Please, do not cave in to this pressure. Your love for Jesus Christ should keep you going. It would be better to die for the Lord than to spend an eternity in hell!

Therefore, to summarize, keep close to our Lord Jesus Christ and do not worry about what is to come. It will profit you nothing except to make you upset and medically and physically sick. Ask Jesus to always be loyal to Him. He will never fail you!