A Fitting Day

I think today is a fitting day to begin blogging on my “apocalyptic” site. Today is my birthday and who knows if any of us may live to see our next birthday. We all know the predictions about the year 2012 unless we are like the ostrich which buries its head in the sand during a time of trouble.

My website, which is about Armageddon, is defined in my eBook, which I hope all of you will buy. It was written simply for the purpose to make you think about the “end times”. Just look at what is going on around us. Ever since I wrote this ebook things have been constantly changing…earthquakes, the Middle East powder keg, gas prices rising out of site. Need I go on? How long do you think God will hold back His Hand? Think about it. Will you be one who will be snatched up into Heaven to be with Jesus and escape the wrath that is to come upon this Earth?